Investing for $$ Flow

Investing for Cash Flow

Buying and holding is great for long term cash flow, tax deductions, and retirement.

  • Know what you can rent  the property for, before you buy
  • Set up your holding entity or LLC before purchasing the property
  • Determine who will manage the property
    • If you use a property manager, allow for that cost
    • Have cash or financing already approved
      • If financing don’t use short term financing for long term purchases
      • Have plenty of reserves to cover carrying costs for
        • Financing costs
        • Repairs costs to rehab the property now and between renters
        • Vacancies
        • Insurance
          • Consult your insurance professional
            • For the best coverage
            • For the best deductible- the lowest or highest deductible isn’t always the best
            • Have a crew lined up to start repairs
            • Estimate what it will cost to remodel and maintain the property
            • Know how long it will take to remodel
            • Inspect the home- see the inside
            • Buy in areas that you know
            • Partner with an experienced investor if you are inexperienced
            • Work with experienced Real Estate Professional

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