Luxury Home Opportunities

It’s important to know that short sales are NOT reserved or limited to lower priced properties.   The distressed property marketing in Arizona has increased so much, the short sale and foreclosure opportunities exist in all types of homes, and dollar amounts.

We also do short sales for HIGH END properties, even above 1 million dollars. One thing to understand is a short sale is beneficial to the bank, otherwise they would NOT do them. The more expensive a home is the longer it will take for a bank to sell if it goes into foreclosure. Attorney fees, carrying costs, repairs etc, can cost a bank $50,000+. Hiring an experienced Realtor to get your lender, the buyer of your home, and you the homeowner all on the same page is essential.

Banks are willing to complete a short sale with higher end properties, but it takes the right type of negotiator to show them it’s in their best interests. Call us today to schedule a no obligation consultation.

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